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Jim Fielding Innovation & Commercialization Space

Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Leadership.

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Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Leadership.

The Jim Fielding Innovation and Commercialization Space is a beautiful 5000 square-foot facility that supports the development of a vibrant innovative & entrepreneurial culture on-campus and in the community. The center provides opportunities to learn marketable innovation & leadership skills, and exposes students, staff and faculty to the principles of entrepreneurship. The space also creates an on-campus focal point for innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups as well as leveraging and growing existing networks of partners, investors, alumni, mentors and other community assets to support youth-led ventures.


The space features a large reception area with sofas and chairs to accommodate events and promote networking. A large open space equipped with co-working and designated workspaces is available for students and start-ups. Three seminar rooms for closed door meetings: two smaller spaces that can be used for teleconferences and small group meetings (less than 10 people) with an LCD monitor and whiteboards as well as one larger space (10-20 people) equipped with an wall mounted LCD monitor, audio/video conference resources and whiteboards. There is also an experiential learning space in the Makerspace. This space is ideal for workshops and training sessions on a wide variety of topics related to prototyping and innovation.


To learn more about our programming and support and to start our collaboration, visit The Foundry tab or send an email to foundry@laurentian.ca


Vision : Support the development of a vibrant innovative & entrepreneurial culture on-campus and in the community through training and networking


Mission : 

  • Develop a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship amongst university innovators
  • Promote innovative thinking and support the growth of innovation-based ventures
  • Facilitate commercialization of intellectual property created at the university
  • Provide state-of-the-art spaces that foster creativity and facilitate collaboration
  • Facilitate interactions between university innovators, mentors, SMEs and community partners
  • Promote leadership & empowered practical learning
  • Develop an inclusive community of marketable entrepreneurial skills development
  • Support the development of a vibrant innovative & entrepreneurial culture on-campus and in the community through training and networking


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We would love to work with you! Send an email to foundry@laurentian.ca to start our collaboration today.


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For our Students

We foster the development of marketable entrepreneurial skills & ventures by facilitating creativity, innovation, and collaboration through conducive workspaces, programming, and coaching

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For our Faculty

We enable the transformation of research driven intellectual property to scalable, commercialized business models and startups by providing our faculty with access to entrepreneurial skills, collaborative partner connections, and toolsets to facilitate in scaling

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For the Community

We create a stronger talent pool, and opportunities for talent retention, in Sudbury by fostering empowered self-learning, soft-skill development, and by creating capable ambitious students through the development of entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking


Jim Fielding Innovation & Commercialization Space

Cliff Fielding Research, Innovation, and Engineering Building