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Business Services

51 is a large, diverse and highly decentralized organization

It is comprised of five faculties, several research institutes along with many supporting administrative departments, each managed individually. It is one of the largest employers in the Greater Sudbury area and procures millions in goods and services annually, of which a large part is from businesses located in Greater Sudbury. Through local purchasing the University fosters economic growth in its host community.

Centrally, the procurement office facilitates University efforts to maximize value and create a focus for the University to consolidate and leverage purchasing power.

The procurement office creates commodity-based buying programs for the University, establishes guidance for purchasers, maintains vendor reference material, and serves as an information clearinghouse for Laurentian's purchasing community. 

Laurentian's purchasing is decentralized. Individual faculty and staff in the various schools and departments across the University determine business needs, place orders, and authorize the payment of invoices. Vendor selection, ordering of goods and services, and invoice approval are handled by the University business units/departments responsible for the purchase working with the procurement office.

Generally, invoices should be directed to the vendor’s designated contact in the schools or departments where the transaction occurred. Typical University-wide payment terms are “net 30 days”, although Laurentian will accept terms offering early payment discounts when possible. 

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